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Residential Broadloom
Style code 2198
Fiber system 100% BCF Perpetual Pashmina™
Construction Cut and Loop
Warranties Lifetime Wear, Fade + FuzzFree™
Lifetime Stain Proof – No Exceptions™
Lifetime Soil Resistance
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Designed based on the organic looks found in our local nature reserves, Boardwalk gives your home a classic patterned look with a contemporary touch. Featuring Perpetual Pashmina fibers this style will give your guests something to talk about.

follow manufacturer installation recommendations. correct seam sealing is necessary to prevent seam breakdowns. due to dye lot variations, actual material may vary slightly from samples. for best results, all seams must be row cut and the carpet must be dry laid to optimize pattern match. the manufacturer reserves the right to modify the specifications to improve the product without notice and without prejudice. percentages of recycled content are accurate at date of printing. availability of these inputs may fluctuate. product image colours may vary due to print processes and monitor display settings. to ensure that the installation meets the manufacturers requirements please note that kraus premium adhesive is the recommended adhesive for this product. improper adhesive may void warranty related claims. stain proof no exceptions warranties must follow specific guidelines outlined in full maintenance instructions. please see installation instructions for full details.


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