ArmorLock Industries Carpet Clip connector system can be used with nearly all carpet tile backings. This clip is designed to be used as a glue-less alternative in carpet tile installation.

Armorlock it just seams right

modular Carpet Clip

what is armorlock?

  • It is a mechanical floating floor installation for modular carpet tiles.
  • Offers a glue-less installation that is applicable to almost any carpet tile backing.
  • Can be floated or the tabs can be glued to the subfloor.

benefits of armorlock

  • Allow for installations in occupied areas with no fear of odor associated with traditional wet adhesives.
  • Lowers the VOCS (Volatile organic compounds) related to traditional wet adhesives.
  • Easier to relocate carpet tiles so you can interchange the carpet from high traffic walk ways into low traffic cupboards or behind desks. This extends the life of your carpet and is one of the best ways to benefit the environment.
  • Eliminates the setup time necessary with wet adhesives