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Luxury Tile
 Installation Loose Lay
 Locking System  N/A
 Profile 18″
 Warranties 32 Year Limited Residential
15 Year Heavy Commercial
Full specs English Full specs French

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Part of our loose lay offering, Montalina Tile is easy and quick to install and effortless to repair. This luxury tile has a striking and chic appearance for any commercial or residential space.

Vinyl flooring is a beautiful reproduction of wood or stone and therefore variations in colour, tone and graining are to be expected. Please note that the display samples may not always be a true representation of the final product. For this reason, new and/or replacement flooring may not exactly match display samples and/or existing flooring. Product image colours may vary due to print processes and monitor display settings. To ensure that the installation meets the manufacturers requirements please note that Kraus KPA 501 is the recommended and required adhesive for this product. Failure to use this adhesive may void any warranty related claims. Please see installation instructions for full details.